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Mmmmmm George!

An apple a day keeps the doctor away...so no apples here!

The Daily Dose of George Clooney
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This a community for George Clooney fans who need their daily dose of George. Modeled after the bean_daily community.

Please feel free to join up and post pics of George. Please, do not link to author's site without their permission as it eats up their bandwidth.


1. No hotlinking.

2. Posts must contain a pic of George Clooney.

3. If your pic is larger that 500x500 pixels, please use the lj-cut tag. < *lj-cut text="whatever you want to say here"* > Remove the * and spaces

If you have questions about anything, or would like to affiliate with us, please contact me here at kirixchi @ livejournal.com

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If you have a George or George-related websites/community and would like to be added, drop kirixchi a line!